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Do you have a passion for podcasting?

Mohtwize content creators' program is a marketplace  where you can find sponsors and advertisers who are interested in your niche and audience.


We enable content creators We embrace their stories

We love podcasts and the people who make them. That's why we provide podcast creators with tools, resources and support they need to share thier stories. 

How do we help you grow
In the world of podcasts?

Ready to rock?

Submit your podcast's RSS link

Type in your podcast feed URL.

Agree to our terms and conditions

Confirm that you understand and consent to our terms and conditions.

Add the follow-up link

Make sure to add the follow-up link to the content on the platform used to host the podcast

Verify your podcast

To verify your podcast, please prove that you are the owner of the program through your email.

Have a question? Check out our FAQ

  • What is the monetization value I get from advertising opportunities when I use the Mohtwize platform?"
    For each advertising campaign, the pricing is based on the number of listeners to your episodes who have heard the advertisement. The average value per listener is (0.03 Riyal)
  • Do I have to reach a certain number of listens before I can add the podcast to the Mohtwize platform?
    There is no specific limit for listens. You can use the Mohtwize platform for podcast makers and get an advertisement no matter how many listeners your podcast has
  • Does using Mohtwize platform prevent me from getting sponsorship for my podcast?
    Mohtwize does not monopolize your podcast, and we believe that you have the right to get more than one sponsor and advertiser to reach sustainability. You can get an ad from Mohtwize and also bring a sponsor from your side. You can also ask interested sponsors or advertisers to use the Mohtwize platform to launch a campaign on your podcast for ease and speed.
  • How long does the contract last?
    There is no contract or specific period, but rather you accept the terms and conditions when you register on Mohtwize platform, and even if you prefer to leave and this does not make us happy at all, you can stop using the platform after notifying us of that.
  • Do you offer a complete podcast creation service that includes writing, recording and audio production?
    Mohtwize is a platform that helps podcasters sustain and grow their shows. However, we do not offer any services related to writing, recording or production of podcasts. We believe that these skills are essential for podcasters to master and to form a team that can support them in their journey. That's why we created Mohtwize Academy, where you can learn how to write, record and produce your own podcast from scratch:

Content Creator Programs

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